Radio Thunder UK

Playing Power Metal and Rock in all it's forms, Melodic, Symphonic, Classic Rock, Goth, Heavy Metal. Each month New Releases added to the playlist.

Genres musicaux : Classic Rock - Gothic Metal - Heavy Metal - Progressive Metal - Metal

New Release added for June

New tracks: have been added from Dreamtale (Tides of War) Battle Beast (Black Ninja), Nightwish (Imaginaerium Tour Edition Story Time, Last Ride of the Day) others from Derdian, Raphsody of Fire (Live Emerald Sword), A Sound of Thunder (Queen of Hell). I also added older tracks from Blind Guardian (Sacred World, The Bard Song), Savage Circus (Tomorrowland, It-The Gathering) and a few more.

Posted on 2013-06-23 19:16:10.89