Radio Thunder UK

Playing Power Metal and Rock in all it's forms, Melodic, Symphonic, Classic Rock, Goth, Heavy Metal. Each month New Releases added to the playlist.

Genres musicaux : Classic Rock - Gothic Metal - Heavy Metal - Progressive Metal - Metal

New AlbumTracks of Amorphis, Tyr, Gloryhammer, Powerworld, Arven, Amaranthe and more

Amorphis from the Album Circles Tyr from the Album Valkyrja Gloryhammer from the Album Tales from the Kingdom of Fife Powerworld from the Album Cybersteria Powerwolf from the Album Preachers of the Night Arven from the Album Black is the Colour Amaranthe from the Album Nexus Comedy of Errors from the Album Fanfare and Fantasy also Tracks from Ananke, Holy Knights, Mean Streak, Seven Kingdoms, Vexillum, Destinations Child and more.

Posted on 2013-09-21 19:01:31.263